Capital Construction & Development is a general construction and development firm, specializing in commercial work; corporate interiors and retail spaces. We have established a strong base of clients in Connecticut and New York City markets as a provider of professional quality construction, real estate management and development. The firm has completed a wide range of ground-up, gut renovation, and interior projects. Some of the projects are: trading environments, medical offices, clinics, art galleries, offices, retail shops, residential condominiums, and the corporate headquarters of major corporations.

Each project has a unique set of requirements which required our exacting implementation for their successful completion. Every project requires building a strong team of players; and we are up to the challenge. We have experience working with diverse client base and numerous design professionals. Our goal is to acquire a thorough understandingĀ  of the architect's and engineer'sĀ  design intent and then make their ideas into reality. We analyze the construction documents and work with our subcontractors when bidding the plans to resolve how the details all fit together. We also offer pre-construction services to review the progress plans and offer suggestions on ways of getting the most value for the dollar. Our attention to detail ultimately results in the highest quality work that can be offered. In addition, our firm's growing success is attributable to excellent working relationships allow us to creatively assign and manage the activities of each job to insure that the most appropriate construction professionals are responsible for the work that they are best suited.

Our accomplishments in the industry are the direct result of our proficiency at accurately planning the chronological succession of events into manageable increments. These tasks are then completed on the schedule outlined at the onset of the project. Our hands-on management style enables us to stay in control of the progress of each project on a daily basis and insure their completion is on time and within the budget. This makes us particularly suited for fast track and technologically complex installations. This proven methodology has been well accepted by both architects and owners that we have been able to serve; we put in the extra effort because we know it will be recognized. We look forward to participating as members of the team on your next construction project.